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Hermès, beauty in the open air

Beauty is revealed, awakened by the invigorating effect of fresh air. Hermès Plein Air marks the start of the complexion story, with a new collection which sits lightly on the skin, leaving it fresh and enhancing its natural beauty. 

Alongside the Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm, the Hermès Plein Air collection comprises two finishing powders, a powder brush and blotting tissues.

The Complexion Balm is intuitive and simple to apply. Dotted on the forehead, the temples, the cheekbones and the chin, then delicately smoothed over the entire face with the fingers.

Applied to bare skin or on top of the Complexion Balm, the Radiant Glow Powder highlights and refreshes the cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow. As for the Radiant Matte Powder, it can be applied to the entire face or just to shiny areas to ensure a subtle matte finish. 

The natural enhancing complexion balm leaves a light and luminous veil of color on the skin that lasts for an impeccable 8 hours. The result is even and translucent. A skincare product that is also a complexion enhancer, leaving the skin hydrated and protected. It is available in eleven shades.




The Hermès Plein Air Gestures


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