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Emma Lewisham launches their NEW Skin Reset Eye Crème

New Zealand's award-winning skincare brand Emma Lewisham have cemented themselves as one of the leaders in science-led, natural skincare backed by the highest calibre of green science and innovation in the industry. The world’s first carbon-positive beauty brand with its 100% circular designed product range now proudly add to their iconic Skin Reset range with their highly anticipated Eye Crème

After two years of intensive research and development Emma Lewisham present “A scientifically backed, 100% natural Eye Crème [that] has undoubtedly been the most requested product from our customers. Whilst we’ve wanted to add this product to our range for some time, we're committed to taking the time needed to ensure each new Emma Lewisham product is category defining, and delivers on our natural and scientifically backed ethos." - Emma Lewisham, Founder.


The Skin Reset Eye Crème is formulated to harness the latest in skincare technology. It is engineered with 18 of the most scientifically proven, high performing active ingredients and two pioneering liposomal delivery systems. It delivers antioxidants and moisture deeper into the skins epidermis for unparalleled results. 


The Skin Reset Eye Crème uniquely harnesses two pioneering liposomal delivery systems allowing key ingredients to reach deeper into the skin.

The first enables deeper delivery and efficacy of CoQ10, a naturally occurring antioxidant powerhouse. Traditionally, the size of CoQ10 has restricted its penetration, limiting its effectiveness. However, this CoQ10 is housed inside a specialised liposome, which enables it to penetrate deeper than ever before. As we age, our bodies naturally deplete in CoQ10, making us more susceptible to oxidative stress which can increase the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. By topically supplementing with this specialised, penetrative CoQ10, you can deliver targeted antioxidant protection to your eye area to improve fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone. 

The second innovative delivery system offers triple action skin benefits via its unique combination of Glycosphingolipids (for improved skin barrier protection), Hyaluronic acid (for deep hydration) and Barley extract (for improved overall skin condition).


This intensely conditioning eye crème harnesses high potencies of innovative active ingredients – including a pioneering proprietary complex  – in scientifically proven combinations, to deliver next generation results.


Saccharide Isomerate imitates the skin’s natural moisturising system. Due to its small molecular size, it penetrates deeper into the skin’s epidermis to increase hydration and prevent transepidermal water loss. Saccharide Isomerate is also scientifically proven to remain in the skin’s epidermis for up to 72-hours. It plumps skin from the inside out, rehydrating, restructuring and repairing its appearance.

To further advance hydration, Emma Lewisham's Eye Crème is engineered with well-known ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid creating a double action effect, plumping and moisturising for smoother, more supple skin around the eye. 


As we age, the inner matrix of our skin begins to function less efficiently. Fibroblasts, are specialised cells that produce collagen and elastin. These become less active as we age and wrinkles start to form as our connective tissue loses its integrity and elasticity. Emma Lewisham's Skin Reset Eye Crème is formulated with Pure Ribose, a cellular building block which offers an unparalleled approach to stimulating energy in our cells. Ribose helps to energise our fibroblast cells to support the synthesis of structuring proteins, limiting the break-down of skin tissues and helping prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

All Emma Lewisham products are independently tested by leading biomedical laboratories to ensure they are scientifically proven to perform. The Skin Reset Eye Crème has been independently proven to boost collagen production at a cellular level. Formulated using 100% natural ingredients, 50% from regenerative farming and 71% organic.


The Skin Reset Eye Crème supports collagen production and deeply hydrates the skin to dramatically improve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and uneven skin tone, delivering a smoother, firmer and brighter under eye area.


Apply both morning and night, directly after cleansing, and before applying Emma Lewisham's Skin Reset Serum. Dab a pea-size amount of the crème onto the eye area and gently massage the area for a few seconds for increased microcirculation. 


Emma Lewisham set out to ensure all their products are refillable and the Skin Reset Eye Crème is no exception. It is certified Carbon Positive and is 100% circular-designed and refillable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. Once your initial Skin Reset Eye Crème is empty, simply pop out the empty pod from the outer packaging and replace with a new refill. Please remember not to throw out your empty pod - simply return it to us instore at Queen Street or Newmarket and we will ensure it is sent back to Emma Lewisham to be sterilised and refilled through their circularity initiative - the Beauty Circle.


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