Emma Lewisham, leading the industry in sustainable beauty

We are so proud to be partnered with Emma Lewisham as they set a new benchmark in beauty by announcing they are the world’s first carbon positive and 100% circular designed beauty brand.

We've probably all heard the term "carbon neutral" but Emma Lewisham have set a new precedent for the beauty industry by going a step further to become carbon positive. Read on to discover more about this outstanding achievement and why it is such an important milestone for not only the Emma Lewisham brand but the entire industry.


Carbon Positive goes further than neutrality. Carbon positive products have a favourable impact on the environment. After reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, Emma Lewisham offset the emissions of each product in their range by an extra 25%. To do this they spent a year in collaboration with world-leading independent environmental certification agency Toitū Envirocare, to measure the carbon emissions emitted at each stage of its product’s lifecycle and have the products independently verified as carbon positive. Emma Lewisham then went further than accounting and compensating for the product footprint to achieve full Toitū climate positive product certification.

The beauty industry currently produces 120 billion units of waste every year, which results in the majority of the industry’s carbon emissions. Emma Lewisham’s carbon positive business model is the only viable solution to the beauty industry meeting the United Nation’s 2015 Paris Agreement (halving CO₂ emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050).


Each individual Emma Lewisham product now displays a carbon number, this means the total number of carbon emissions emitted to create that product. An Emma Lewisham refill has up to 75% less carbon emissions than its jar or vessel. For Emma Lewisham, transparency is a fundamental principle, so they felt it was important to show their carbon numbers in a way that was relatable for the consumer. Emma Lewisham has translated the carbon footprint of each refill to show the litres of melted Arctic Sea ice saved as a result of purchasing a refill instead of a new jar/vessel.


Did you know that beauty packaging is the single largest contributor of carbon emissions in the beauty industry yet virtually none of it is being recycled? Even if a product is labelled 100% recyclable it is most likely still ending up in landfill given the complexity of recycling systems around the globe.

To mitigate this Emma Lewisham have become the world's first 100% circular designed beauty range. This means their product packaging has been designed to eliminate waste by keeping materials in use through reuse, repair and recycling.

Emma Lewisham takes ownership of their materials by encouraging consumers to return them to be refilled via the Emma Lewisham 'Beauty Circle'. This is a free, global initiative where they take back all empty Emma Lewisham packaging to be sterilised, refilled and reused. Alternatively, for any packaging that is no longer viable to be refilled, they ensure it’s recycled through their specialised recycling partner, Terracycle.

They have also championed collaboration over competition with the hope of accelerating the movement towards a circular beauty industry. Emma Lewisham has shared their intellectual property surrounding the achievement of a circular and carbon positive model with beauty brands around the world to accelerate the industry's transition to a planet positive, circular beauty model. Their IP includes refill designs, sterilising processes, recycling and returns processes, packaging supplier connections, take back procedures and carbon calculation guides. Emma Lewisham may be the first in the beauty industry to adopt a circular and carbon positive business model, but they certainly don't want to be the last.

“We genuinely want to see change. The problems we face are so much greater than the success of one business or brand, and if we are going to solve them, collaboration is key. We must tear down the barriers of competition once and for all – unifying around a greater vision where future generations may thrive. This has to be the future of beauty.” – Emma Lewisham.

To meet the United Nations urgent climate goals and objectives from the 2015 Paris Agreement, of halving CO₂ emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050, the beauty industry needs to work together to reduce our carbon emissions. 

Emma Lewisham, Founder. Emma Lewisham, Founder.
Dr. Jane Goodall. Credit: Michael Collopy. Dr. Jane Goodall. Credit: Michael Collopy.


To validate these world-first achievements, Emma Lewisham has gained written endorsement from iconic environmentalist, ethologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodall – who is proud to globally support these industry-shifting efforts.

New Zealand beauty brand, Emma Lewisham, is demonstrating what it means to be a truly sustainable business. Through their carbon positive and circular business model, Emma Lewisham is creating environmental prosperity and showing their peers that this business model is not just possible but paramount if we are to make a meaningful difference.” - Dr. Jane Goodall

Emma Lewisham is committed to creating a truly beautiful beauty industry.


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