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We’d like to welcome new brand Gloverall, exclusively ours in New Zealand.

The company’s heritage runs deep, much like our own. Originally established in England in 1951 as H&F Morris, standing for founders Harold and Freda Morris. Primarily wholesalers of gloves and overalls, the company was offered and accepted a surplus stock of WWII military Duffle Coats. The coats, available to the  public through Camping and Leisure stores sold out in short order.

Harold and Freda Morris Harold and Freda Morris
Tony Brooks Tony Brooks

Son of an experienced tailor, Harold sought to emulate this success while re-defining the well-known Duffle Coat; replacing the thick jute rope fastening with leather straps and introducing an Italian check back fabric, and as a nod to their early days, Gloverall was born.

By the end of the decade, Gloverall coats had reached a somewhat iconic status, English racing legend Tony Brooks, was photographed wearing a Gloverall Monty Duffle Coat in Monaco Grand Prix in 1957, and as is  often the case today, the celebrity influence was undeniable.

Seventy years on, remaining true to its heritage, Gloverall’s core heroes are their range of both Duffle Coats and Peacoats, the treatment of both rooted in respectfully redefining these heritage military styles. Gloverall  also looks to the future, offering contemporary collaboration pieces.

The most recent collaboration is the Alpha Industries X Gloverall MA1 Flight Jacket; unisex, reversible, oversize and hooded, this is a modern take on the classic airforce bomber jacket.

Now a much desired outerwear label, Gloverall continues to create high quality clothing while paying homage to it’s well-established British history and reputation for quality.

Find Gloverall instore at Queen Street and Newmarket, and Online.


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