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Meadowlark | Delphi

Discover the latest collection 'Delphi' by Meadowlark

Meadowlark's latest collection Delphi has arrived and we're loving the unexpected mix of shapes and ideas that combine unconventional organic forms with Meadowlark's signature use of luxurious materials. Weaving together four unique stories, Delphi radiates sophistication and a quiet confidence. Designers Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont looked to Ancient European jewellery, which itself borrowed from Egyptian and Grecian motifs, to offer protection and status to its wearer. “We are amazed by the detail of work that was being done centuries ago,” says Fromont.

The palette used across the Delphi collection is beautifully restrained with soft, creamy pearls giving way to sharp bursts of colour in the form of midnight sapphires and pink tourmalines. 

The Clio strand of the range combines freshwater pearls with slender, elongated wires of gold or silver that twist and flow around the adorning pearl. 

The Medusa returns again, the serpent shape representing fertility, creative rebirth and dual meanings. A motif that Meadowlark have played around with since their very first collection.

Ursa is a series of more masculine shapes engraved with radiating sunburts, a reference to a compass of sorts. Hammon says these reflect a sense of introspection, “It’s all about centering and returning towards yourself for direction”.

Despite its far-out references, Meadowlark’s new collection is very much grounded in reality. Each carefully considered design is light and easy-to-wear, integrating just as seamlessly with an everyday wardrobe as it does with occasion-wear that demands exuberance and strength. 


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