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The Chopard Parfums Maison is a luxury perfume brand, emblematic of a natural, positive and responsible perfumery, that places nature, ethics and natural ingredients at the very heart of its fragrance universe. Created by world-class perfumers and crafted from the highest quality ingredients and the most treasured naturals, responsibly sourced from across the world, Chopard fragrances join the brand’s journey towards sustainable luxury. They aspire to offer memorable perfume experiences which are mindful of our planet and people, protecting the best that nature can offer.

“Always give our best and be kind, generous and open to others.
Be happy! It is this positivity that carries us forward.”
Co-president and Artistic Director of Chopard - Caroline Scheufele

Collection of Chopard includes : Gardens of Tropics & Gardens of Paradise, each collection has 4 fragrances.


Unique ingredients story : Three responsibly sourced naturals

The three natural ingredients of Gardens of Tropics are from Firmenich’s sustainable sourcing  Naturals Together™ program. NATURALS TOGETHER ™ is a Firmenich initiative completely in tune with Chopard’s philosophy of ethical and ecological perfumery. Firmenich’s “business for development” program, which brings together many of the world’s best natural ingredients suppliers, is shaping the future of naturals by guaranteeing the excellence and sustainability of raw materials.

“For the Gardens of Tropics Collection, I focused on shaping outstanding precious stones and highlighting their colorful facets. The extraordinary timepieces from the Chopard high jewelry collections inspired me to use only the most exquisite ingredients: responsibly sourced vetiver from Haiti, vanilla from Madagascar, and cardamom from Guatemala are emblematic of high jewelry values, and merge esthetics with ethics, a testament to Chopard’s commitment to excellence and passion. The Gardens of Tropics Collection transforms nature’s treasures into meaningful luxury.” said by Gardens of Tropics perfumer – Natalie Lorson.

“The extraordinary Chopard universe drew me into the enchanted world of natural gems. Like perfumers, jewelers are looking for the most precious elements nature offers. They trace the best quality ingredients to responsible sources that bring to life the creation of their imagination. I work in much the same way as a jewelry craftsman does, selecting his stones, and observing them carefully before cutting them to reveal their most dazzling light.” said by Gardens of Tropics perfumer – Alberto Morillas.


Inspired by the Gardens of Paradise – Heavenly Fragrances made on Earth

Inspired by the Arabian Gardens of Paradise, these four new high-end fragrances are a tribute to the most mythical and mystical gardens of the Orient.

From the Mediterranean to the East, these legendary gardens are the expression of the Golden age of the Arabian civilization. Peaceful and secret, traversed by rivers of water, milk and honey, these dream gardens were filled with the most beautiful, sweet-smelling and colourful flowers and fruits, under the shade of majestic trees.

With the Gardens of Paradise Collection, Chopard Parfums is offering fragrance
connoisseurs the quality of the highest tradition of perfumery. These creations showcase an extraordinary quantity of pristine natural ingredients, shining the spot-light on twenty-five premium materials mostly coming from Firmenich centres of excellence across the world, under their Naturals Together sustainability program.

All four fragrances are creations from the world-class perfumer Alberto Morillas, one of the most iconic perfumers of our times and a true master of natural ingredients.


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