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Reflections Copenhagen


Introducing Reflections Copenhagen.

Danish design duo Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson join forces and chase light through reflection in a collection of Fine Cut Crystal and Mirror pieces that unite art and décor.

Exquisite materials, geometric shapes, form and function combine. Unique variations are present and are a special part of each piece, all of which are handcrafted using artisan techniques. Created to be used, displayed, treasured and passed from generation to generation. 

“The small irregularities of something that has been handmade represents a beauty of its own, something that only exists there, in that one place, not to be exactly the same with any other item.”

The designers combine their individual experience and passions and present a collection where the designs and materials channel both strength and delicacy. Art deco expressions and 80’s contrasts play nicely together in high-quality décor objects that challenge the traditional styles and usage of materials.


Handcrafted table and décor pieces in 100% crystal, geometric shapes form functional art objects. The Crystal Bonboniere’s above are two of our firm favourites; Hamptons in blue and New Haven in green, both are perfect for those small precious objects, jewellery or as luxurious vessels for the bathroom.


The Cabinets are functional and artistic boxes designed with a focus on perfect colour combinations and graphic lines. Showpieces and attention seekers as both still life objects and as aesthetic alternatives for storing keepsakes and treasures.


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