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Return, Recycle, Reward

Introducing the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle

The Emma Lewisham brand is at the forefront of clean ingredients, and is now taking 'clean' a step further with the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. Proudly partnering with TerraCycle®, Emma Lewisham has launched New Zealand’s first sustainable beauty initiative for all brands of facial skincare products. This is a free, incentive-based recycling programme to ensure beauty products are kept in circularity, it is about rethinking the entire process of a beauty product’s lifespan. Emma Lewisham will offer free returns, rewards and recycling for not only its own facial products, but remarkably, for all brands’ facial products within New Zealand. Emma Lewisham is focused on mitigating the mass wastage produced by the beauty industry, and re-purposing packaging that would otherwise be destined for landfill. 


Currently, the global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year, and few are accepted by kerbside recycling programmes. Many of the design elements that enable beauty products to be so usable, such as push pumps, make them difficult to recycle. Subsequently, only 9% of plastics produced are recycled and 12% are burned into our atmosphere. All remaining plastic waste ends up in landfill or scattered through the environment. 

Emma Lewisham says “Plastic and other material in the beauty industry is not going to go away anytime soon, that’s unrealistic, so we need to find solutions that solve the situation at hand.” Emma believes a clear solution is for beauty brands to take ownership and divert end of life product waste, especially if the brand’s packaging includes non-recyclable materials, destined for landfill.

Emma’s goal is to to have a circular, closed loop system with zero waste. They expect to recycle hundreds of thousands of pieces of product waste through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. The recycled plastic material will be used to make outdoor products such as picnic tables, and park benches. It’s all about re-purposing waste and giving it a second life. Emma concludes, “Our vision is for no beauty brands’ products to end up in landfills. We believe by being leaders in the sustainable beauty space and proving a new standard is possible, we will pave the way for other beauty brands to follow. We have to give plastic a second life, the future state of our precious environment depends on it. We are very excited to lead this change and engage in the conversations this initiative will bring about.”


Smith & Caughey’s are proud to announce that we are an Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle drop off point.

Once you've finished with your facial products, bring the empty packaging to us for it to be given a second life! Simply drop a minimum of four empty facial beauty products from any brand to our Well-being counters in both Newmarket and Queen Street to receive a discount of $15 off Emma Lewisham to be used at the time of drop-off towards any Emma Lewisham product. All recycled beauty packaging will be collected regularly and processed by TerraCycle.


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