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Discover the latest collection 'Lucien' by Meadowlark

Meadowlark's latest collection Lucien has arrived and we are loving the inspiration behind the unexpected and unconventional collection.

Inspired by treasured art and architecture from Europe, Lucien means light. The collection uses the ancient symbol of the eye which represents protection in many cultures from Egyptian and Greek to Roman and Turkish. 

In Paris, Meadowlark’s designers were captivated by a Baroque take on this ancient icon decorating the ornate street lamps that stand guard around the Palais Garnier, one of Paris’ most exquisite buildings. Lucien’s ‘Protection’ pieces draw on this timeless and powerful motif to create a collection of intricate amulets in silver or gold to watch over the wearer. Some are engraved with the words Proteger Vieller - to watch over and protect, while others sparkle with sapphires or diamonds.

The fanciful, poetic work of Surrealist artist Joan Miró also inspires Lucien, perhaps most overtly via the lash-framed eyes of his otherworldly painted creatures and the whimsical, abstracted human forms and faces found in his sculptures. The Lucien collection includes pieces named for Joan Miró himself - a medallion-style necklace, small signet ring, stud and bejewelled or plain hoop earrings, some subtly featuring one eye set with a white diamond - offer up a more playful and contemporary take on Lucien’s talismanic mood.

Finally, the collection is powerfully connected with the inclusion of luxe Lucien chain - opulently linked classic designs formed into necklaces, anklets and bracelets.

For me, an object is a living thing. - Joan Miró




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