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The Navigator

The latest jewellery collection from Karen Walker

The latest drop from Karen Walker's The Navigator jewellery collection has just arrived, read on to discover the inspiration.

Launching her latest jewellery collection with a Champagne bottle aimed square across the prow, Karen Walker digs into all things nautical and sea-going.

The collection, entitled The Navigator, stars a series of delicate, detailed pendants of ship and sea icons: a ship’s bell, and a roped anchor alongside an incredibly detailed seahorse and fishing lure.

All hands on deck for the voyage including the iconic Runaway Girl appearing sans her regulation stick and bindle, this time toting a nautical burgee over her shoulder and wearing a sailor’s cap and plimsoll shoes. She’s centred on a compass-like disc outlined with fine rope which appears on a classic signet ring and as a pair on huggie hoops. The disc also appears double-sided and spinning with an anchor on the reverse as a ring and as a pendant.

For Karen, a lifelong Aucklander who grew up tootling around the waters of the Hauraki Gulf on the Walker family boat, the sea’s never been far from her heart or her eye. “I grew up on the water and I wanted this collection to reflect that sense of tradition and romance that boating life always evokes for me,” says Karen. Karen lives minutes from the Waitematā Harbour and enjoys daily glimpses of the sea from her home and office. To continue her ongoing love affair with the sea she’s currently taking sailing lessons with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.


SEAHORSE EARRINGS - From Poseidon's depths Karen Walker has captured a pair of precious seahorses. Famed for their equine facial features and aquatic bodies, the seahorses are cast from sterling silver with black spinel eyes and suspended from sleeper hoops.

LOVE KNOT RING - After mastering the art of tying a double loop knot, Karen Walker fashions her rope into something more familiar - a bow, tied just so. Paired with an elegant freshwater pearl, the knotted bow is forged atop a finely roped band to create the sterling silver Love Knot Ring.

ARROW FOB CHAIN - For the sterling silver Arrow Fob Chain Karen Walker takes a timeless jewellery classic and adds her own signature flourish. The intrepid arrow frames the utilitarian fob, creating an anchorlike motif with subtle rope detailing, suspended from an elegant belcher chain.


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