Covid-19 Update | Wednesday 6 April 2022 10.00am


We at Smith & Caughey’s are staying close to the developments of the COVID-19 situation and are adjusting our business practices as appropriate.
The health and safety of our staff, customers and community are of the utmost importance.

Smith & Caughey’s has a fully vaccinated staff community. This is grounded by our desire to maximise Health & Safety for both staff and customers. Be assured we are following all other health and safety protocols required under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

We no longer require a My Vaccine Pass or official exemption to access hospitality and close proximity services.
These services are operating with enhanced hygiene protocols in place, as per the COVID-19 Protection Framework and Ministry of Health guidelines. Our general COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols are reviewed regularly and any changes will be updated on our website and shared with our communities.


In line with the Ministry of Health guidelines, these are the steps we have in place throughout our business;

- Our payment methods are predominantly cashless and we encourage the use of PayWave.
- Both our Customer and Staff Communities are required to wear face coverings, unless a medical exemption is provided.

Hygiene Protocols in place:
- Hand sanitisers are available at all counters, for staff and customers.
- Cleaners are cleaning and disinfecting surfaces frequently.
- Staff have access to hospital-grade disinfectant to regularly wipe down their high touch areas multiple times per day.
- Staff providing close proximity services have strict enhanced hygiene protocols to follow before and after each customer.
- Staff are provided with masks and gloves. All staff wear masks at all times, and gloves are available for close proximity services
- To help prevent exposure, employees have all the information they need to stay healthy within the work environment.
- If employees are feeling unwell, we request they remain at home.