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Whether celebrating a child's first Christmas or following family tradition, a visit to Santa's Enchanted Forest at Smith & Caughey's is the perfect beginning to the festive season.  Create wonderful memories that will be treasured forever.



20 November - 24 December





One of Santa's Helpers will be waiting for you beside our Customer Service Centre on the ground floor at our Queen Street Store, to see you on your way to Santa's Enchanted Forest.



Thursday 15 October

As the health and safety of Santa’s special guests, Santa himself and his Helpers has remained top of mind, we have made the decision that non-booked Santa visits will not be available this Christmas. We will be operating Santa visits only through our booking system where we have opened up additional booking slots to accommodate as many visitors as we can while adhering to social distancing practices.

We apologise for any inconvenience and we encourage you to make your Santa Experience this year a booked one, please find the details and benefits of a booked visit below.



 Please be assured we are monitoring all advice from the Ministry of Health with regards to developments around Covid-19, our updates are available here.

Should any changes to our Santa's Enchanted Forest Experiences be required, information will be updated and booked guests will be contacted.

The health and safety of Santa’s special guests, Santa himself and his Helpers are always top of mind, meaning precautions may be put in place reflective of Covid-19 circumstances and Alert Level restrictions.

These may consist of:

Guests being grouped together to the side of Santa, instead of on his knee.

Any infants, who are unable to sit or stand on their own will be photographed held by an appropriate member of your group.

A clear Perspex screen may be added on each side of Santa's chair, between Santa and his guests.

Santa, Santa's Helpers and the Christmas Fairies may be wearing face masks.

Santa’s guests may be required to wear face masks or coverings.

Social distancing will be observed, appropriate to the Alert Level.

Enhanced hygiene practices will be in place appropriate to the Alert Level.

QR check-in codes should be used to check-in.

We appreciate that there are unknowns when placing your booking, and your Santa Experience may change with the precautionary measures applied to adhere to Alert Levels. Should you not wish to proceed with your booked Santa Experience, due to Covid-19 precautions in place at that time, we will be accepting cancellations with 24 hours' notice and a full refund will be provided. 

Covid-19 circumstances and Alert Levels can change quickly, should this affect your booking or our ability to offer the service within a 24 hour period, flexibility can be expected from both Smith & Caughey’s and Santa’s Guests.



Before making your way to meet Santa, explore the Enchanted Forest, see Santa's helpers getting ready for Christmas. Each child will receive a collectable Christmas tree bauble gift from Santa and a keepsake photo with him. After meeting Santa and giving him your Christmas wish list make your way to Level 2 to collect your free Santa photo.

As a booked guest you will not need to queue prior to your visit, and all digital downloads from your visit are free.

Please note bookings are limited and only available until sold out. The maximum number of people per session is six. Minimum one child and one adult. A child is classed as newborn to 15 years, adult classed as 16 years and over. An adult visiting with no children requires purchasing at least one 'child' ticket. An adult booking with no children requires purchasing at least one 'child' ticket. The 2021 Smith & Caughey's Christmas Baubles available while stocks last.

Should Auckland move to an Alert Level where Santa Experiences cannot continue this year, bookings will be cancelled and refunded.



Saturday 20 November 10.10am - 5.40pm 
Sunday 21 November  10.40am - 5.10pm 
Monday 22 November  9.40am - 6.10pm 
Tuesday 23 November  9.40am - 6.10pm 
Wednesday 24 November 9.40am - 6.10pm
Thursday 25 November 9.40am - 6.10pm 
Friday 26 November 9.10am - 8.40pm 
Saturday 27 November 10.10am - 7.10pm 
Sunday 28 November Santa Parade 
Monday 29 November 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Tuesday 30 November 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Wednesday 1 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Thursday 2 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Friday 3 December 9.10am - 6.40pm 
Saturday 4 December 9.10am - 5.40pm 
Sunday 5 December Santa Parade Rain Date
Monday 6 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Tuesday 7 December 9.10am - 6.10pm  
Wednesday 8 December 9.10am - 6.10pm  
Thursday 9 December 9.10am - 6.10pm  
Friday 10 December 9.10am - 6.40pm 
Saturday 11 December 9.10am - 6.40pm 
Sunday 12 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Monday 13 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Tuesday 14 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Wednesday 15 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Thursday 16 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Friday 17 December 9.10am - 7.40pm 
Saturday 18 December 9.10am - 6.40pm 
Sunday 19 December 9.10am - 6.10pm 
Monday 20 December 9.10am - 7.10pm 
Tuesday 21 December 9.10am - 7.10pm 
Wednesday 22 December 9.10am - 7.10pm 
Thursday 23 December 9.10am - 7.40pm 
Friday 24 December 9.10am - 5.40pm 





$10 EACH


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