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Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Spray


Product code: GUE-61.023553

Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Spray

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The GUERLAIN family has a passion for horses, which Habit Rouge trumpets for all to hear.
Frenzied by the imminent chase, a pack of hounds circles the horses in a bouncing, deafening dance. The impatient thoroughbreds stamp the ground with their hooves. The air is bracing and the forest blazes with reds and yellows. The atmosphere is charged with a fragrance mix of earth, warm leather, the forest and the smell of the horses, the steam rising from their coats in the morning air. The men are ready, decked out in red jackets, white jodhpurs and boots that shine like lacquer.
The primitive instinct of the hunt still runs through the veins of the hunter. Rarely does man find himself so close to his original state. Habit Rouge captures this primitive instinct in all its mastery, cultivation and refinement.
Expressive yet delicate, this is a real man’s perfume. The first oriental men’s fragrance, it is replete with contrast. It is the fragrance of the hunter, albeit for the most tender of hunts.
Habit Rouge incarnates the magnificent and unpredictable hunter, a man who is enamored of refinement and capable of all manner of audacity. He lives his life fervently and distinguishes himself with an allure that combines sophistication and sensuality.

An oriental that is by turns citrusy, warm and accented with vanilla, Habit Rouge expresses the genius of contrast and well-mastered emotions.
Step inside the world of Maison Guerlain and cross the threshold where respect for tradition and a sense of innovation join together to offer the most beautiful creations. For nearly two centuries and five generations, GUERLAIN perfumers have cultivated a unique expertise to bring you exquisite perfumes, makeup, and skincare creams dedicated to beauty.

The activities of the House of GUERLAIN, over more than 180 years and across five generations of perfume makers, has left an indelible mark on the world of perfumes with its outstanding products.

At the same time, rooted in the origins of its master craftsmen and its visionaries, GUERLAIN continues to keep its cutting edge and to show savoir-faire and passion in its audacious creations.
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GUERLAIN / GUE-61.023553

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