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Hair Perfume Oil


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Hair Perfume Oil

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The Chloe Zara Hair Perfume Oil is a premium pre and post styling leave-in treatment for all hair types. Lightweight hair oil, packed full of nutrients to protect and nourish the hair while leaving it smelling divine.
The hair perfume oil will not only protect your hair from the heat of hot tools, but also UV rays and pollution. Smoothes frizz and seals split ends for a high-gloss, silky finish.

How to use
Use sparingly on wet or dry hair as a therapeutic leave-in treatment or as a protective pre-styling foundation to all heat-styling techniques. Apply to your hands and rub together so there is an even coverage of oil, then apply firstly to mid lengths and ends of damp hair combing through to insure it is evenly dispersed. As a finishing touch apply to dry hair to smooth any flyways, add shine and fragrance. Our Perfume oil can also be added to your skins pulse points.
Premium, clean and NZ made — Chloe Zara Hair.

Chloe Zara Hair is a new and natural range of haircare comprising Hair Perfume Oil, Silk Wash, Silk Condition and Nourishing Balm. The range has been designed to restructure, strengthen and nourish while adding intense hydration for smooth, soft and easy to comb hair.
Chloe Zara's mission is to create premium, clean, New Zealand made haircare that’s not only free from harmful ingredients, but also proven to perform.

Chloe Zara Hair is void of parabens, sulfates and silicones — using natural and clean ingredients. Created by pioneering beauty chemists, each product has been expertly formulated to combine the best of nature’s plant actives and modern haircare ingredients, to create not only clean, but effective haircare.

Instead of using silicones that give the hair an illusion of shine, Chloe Zara uses natural oils which encourages gloss, shine and most importantly, nourishes the hair. Natural oils are abundant in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Not only is Chloe Zara Hair better for you, but it’s also better for the planet. Our packaging is recyclable, made from post-consumer recycled material, and our ingredients are from sustainable and renewable sources that are harvested in a way that does not harm the environment.

Chloe’s 15-years as a hairdresser render her an expert in the industry. Over the years, she has experimented with countless brands and products, discovering there was a need for a brand that was effective and focused on building on the overall health of the consumer’s hair.
“Most products on the market offer short term solutions for your hair, full of parabens and silicones which is just band-aiding the underlying problem. I wanted to create a brand that not only made your hair look incredible, but ultimately helped build the health of your hair”.

The Chloe Zara signature fragrance of saffron, pineapple, fig and sandalwood is used throughout the range.
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