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Average Af

by Jess on Wed Dec 14, 2016
Would recommend - no

(Unsure of actual date) Honestly one of the hardest products to apply, might just be my one but it is so dry and crumbles on application IF you can even get it out of the tube - the twist barely works til after you've closed it then you usually open it and hae a huge amount built up that then gets wasted. Can't use over eyeshadow as the colour simply will not apply - goes very grey and barely goes on. Aside from this - super waterproof and super longwearing when you can get it to work in your favour and one of the only eyeliners I can wear as other cheaper and more liquid formulas irritate my eyes a lot

Stays Put Like No Other

by Sandra on Wed Aug 17, 2016
Would recommend - yes

As an winged liner addict I am constantly on a mission to find my holy grail liner and I think They're Real Push Up Gel Liner is the best yet! The packaging gives you the best of both worlds with the accuracy of a felt-tip applicator but the versatility of a gel liner. Unlike liquid liner the gel formula allows room for error with mistakes easily corrected. The sharp applicator tip makes winged liner a breeze and also hugs the lashes to avoid that dreaded gap between the lashes and eyeliner. I love the matte black finish and the best thing about this liner is that it stays on all day! You seriously don't need to touch it up at all!! The only reason I have given this liner four stars is because it can be a bit difficult to get the right amount of product out. You sometimes end up twisting the base too much and have to wipe off the excess product on a tissue which can feel like a waste. Despite this I still think this liner is a great buy, especially if you're new to winged eyeliner.