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ClarinsMen Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick


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ClarinsMen Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

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Brave the day without breaking a sweat. When the heat is on, CLARINS’ alcohol-free antiperspirant — with refreshing extracts of Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit — keeps underarms dry, comfortable and fresh. Long-lasting formula glides on easily without a sticky after-feel. Neutralizes odours as it helps reduce perspiration. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Apply after showering, after working out or before going out... Its roll-on applicator enables a quick application. Apply to clean, dry skin. Does not leave any stickiness.

·With Grindelia, this alcohol-free anti-perspirant neutralizes the bacteria responsible for embarrassing odours and slows down the flow of perspiration without blocking it completely.
A masseur called Jacques Courtin started CLARINS, a French luxury skincare brand, in 1954. Courtin made his own treatment oils that he claimed firmed the skin, and sold them from his salon in Paris. He built up quite a fanbase, including endorsements from some big French celebrities of the time.

The name CLARINS originally came from a character he played in a school production, and saw it as a good luck charm. In fact, it seems he loved the name so much that he incorporated it into his own in 1978, becoming Jacques Courtin-CLARINS.

Courtin-CLARINS very much had women in mind when creating his line of products. He believed that, for women, happiness was inextricably linked to beauty. He is quoted in an interview as saying that "Beauty has become an important element in a woman's psychological make-up."

In 1980, CLARINS was the top-selling luxury skincare brand in France; in 1981 it had expanded to the US; by 1990 it was the top selling brand in Europe; and today it is distributed to 150 countries around the world. Courtin-CLARINS died in 2007 but his sons, Christian and Olivier, are now involved in carrying on the family company.
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