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Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream


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Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream

15ML, $179.00
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An intensive contour treatment cream that helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, while brightening and smoothing the skin. Formulated with pure retinol, retinol ACE and Shiseido patented VP8 - a complex that contains the brightener 4MSK, these items interrupt the root cause of multiple sings of aging to enhance your youthful-looking glow.
SHISEIDO was born in Tokyo's Ginza district as Japan's first Western-style pharmacy in 1872, a time when herbal medicine was the norm. The company's founder, Arinobu Fukuhara, had been a chief pharmacist in a navy hospital. He founded SHISEIDO because he was displeased with the inferior medicine on the market, and aspired to establish a system of separating medical and dispensary practice in Japan. Arinobu was 23 years old at the time.

The origin of the name SHISEIDO comes from a classic Chinese text, the “Yi Jing” (“Book of Changes”), which reads, “Praise the virtues of the great Earth, which nurtures new life and brings forth new values.” The company name expresses an “Oriental style, Western learning” way of thinking which includes the determination to create a new culture, building up a new business based on Western medicine, and a name inspired by Eastern philosophy.

Gathering together high quality medicine with this entirely new way of running a pharmacy was difficult at first. However, the idea of high quality, advanced and authentic products came to be understood, and SHISEIDO's name became known among people and trusted as a pharmacy.
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