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One Two Three Domino Puzzle


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One Two Three Domino Puzzle

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With vibrant colors and unique graphics, this will be a favorite game in no time. Deal out six dominoes to each player and put the rest in a stack in the center. Take turns flipping one domino from the stack and seeing if you can match any of your dominoe
DJECO is a reference to the gecko lizard, which is said to bring good luck to the homes of South-East Asia.

DJECO was founded in 1954 by the mother of current managing director Frédéric. While working as the manager of a holiday camp, she would also devise small, educational toys (dominoes, lotto, number games, etc.) that she would then develop further for her daughter. DJECO’S first taste of success was in 1960 when the company won several awards for its designs, however as the 1970’s came the company fell into a deep sleep until 1989 when the now grown up Frédéric took over the family business and set up in Paris, on the banks of the Seine. He first chose to import games into France they were not previous available. He travelled the globe finding the world’s finest toys. In 1997, he created a series of educational toys, guided by a discerning artistic disposition not commonly found in the toy world. Wooden jigsaws and toys, and cardboard puzzles, led the way, followed by card games and board games in 2004 and then innovative craft packs in 2006.
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DJECO / DJE-D08168