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Age-Repair Serum Peptide-8 & E-2 Polysaccharide


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Product code: GRO-GRA0064

Age-Repair Serum Peptide-8 & E-2 Polysaccharide

30ML, $119.95
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A potent, anti-aging serum that targets: lines and wrinkles, forehead brow creases, squinting creases surrounding the eyes and feathery lines surrounding the lips.
Health is beauty.

Improve the health of skin cells and you improve skin function. Improve skin function and you create capable skin cells that look younger, longer.

Our skin health is constantly challenged by the world we live in. The frantic pace of modern living, stress, environmental pollutants and food additives weaken, inflame, oxidise and age our skin much faster than they should. By understanding how to improve the health of our skin at a cellular level, we can reinforce healthy cell development. This optimizes cell processes and resources the body to fight cell decay, reducing the visible signs of aging.

On a daily basis the skin needs advanced and targeted assistance to prevent damage to it’s molecular structure. Whether it is being attacked by oxidants from pollution or other aggressors like glycoproteins (excess sugars in the blood), the skin is vulnerable to microscopic damage. This directly affects the skin’s luminosity, collagen and elastin levels causing it to become dull and rigid, giving way to the formation of wrinkles and tissue tears and reducing its capacity for healing.

Grown Alchemist’s scientifically innovative formulas address these negative influences, changing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. These powerful cosmeceuticals promote cellular renewal and repair, cleansing and detoxing, releasing visual vibrancy and health to your skin. Grown Alchemist’s understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolisation as well as the protection of your health represents a new evolution of capable healthy skincare.
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