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Bouldering Blocks


Product code: MOM-MM 120992

Bouldering Blocks

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This single cube explores positive and negative space in three dimensions. Multiples of two shapes, one white, one black, interconnect as a challenging puzzle. Rearranged, pieces make an unlimited portfolio of architectural and artistic expressions. Pieces from multiple cubes interconnect to form dazzling abstract forms or identifiable objects.

- Made from ABS plastic.
- Designed by Mark Boulding.
- Ages 6+.
- Dimensions: 2.25in (Square).
- Made in the USA.
In 1932, The Museum of Modern Art established the world's first curatorial department dedicated to design and architecture. MoMA has long recognized design’s important role in our culture alongside more traditional mediums like sculpture and painting.

MoMA products are not just selected, but carefully evaluated through a selection process which involves a rigorous examination of each item’s design DNA and its ability to enrich and enliven with every use. MoMA will firstly assess a potential new product against their own design filters, a set of 8 criteria that are used to ensure every item is a good fit with the vision of good design. Next, each proposed product is evaluated by MoMA's curatorial department. Only those items that make it through these two steps successfully can become part of the MoMA assortment.
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MOMA / MOM-MM 120992

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