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Mother Of Pearl Pohutukawa Leaf Earrings


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Mother Of Pearl Pohutukawa Leaf Earrings

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Hand carved from Mother of Pearl shell and set in sterling silver.
After making jewellery on the side for a number of years, Nick began designing accessories for New Zealand label Ricochet during their late 90's heyday. “Ricochet was my training ground in fashion. We made all sorts of really cool designs and I discovered that I if made things bigger and bolder and edgier, the customers loved it. I kept pushing the boundaries and I learned that my crazy ideas were good, and my rock n’ roll aesthetic was a winner.” When Ricochet was sold in 2010, Nick craved a fresh start and the idea of Nick Von K was born.

“I really wanted to do something that was 100% my own, and at a level of quality and style that would make me really want to wear it. I wanted to make the jewellery I’d always dreamed of making.

“I also wanted to produce jewellery that was entirely different to everything else I had seen in NZ, so I created designs that incorporated a lot of hand carved elements from organic materials such as semi- precious stones, mother of pearl shell, deer antler and black buffalo horn. This really gave the brand a point of difference.”

Nick decided to manufacture in Bali. He had explored the possibilities working for Ricochet and was keen to take it to the next level using sterling silver and working closely with the many craftsmen he had met over the years. These days there is a solid team who produce the level of variety and detail the Nick Von K brand is known for.

“The Nick Von K style is very eclectic. I did that on purpose when I launched the first three collections simultaneously so that I would never be boxed in as a designer. I always wanted the freedom to explore new territory and have the fans understand that about the brand.”

A self-confessed collector, Nick surrounds himself with a rare and interesting mix of inspirations, all of which influence his jewellery range.

“I’m a magpie so my studio is tumbling with a collection of the strange and wonderful things I have found. There are skulls galore including a duck, a monkey, a bear, a dog, a cat and even a replica sabre tooth tiger. There are also whale teeth, carved bits of deer antler or mammoth ivory, unusual wooden ornaments, ancient padlocks from India, steel sculpture from my time as a blacksmith, rare crystals, exotic butterflies, beautiful feathers and lots of small handcarved bits and pieces. I find inspiration in many different things.”
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