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Blueblood Gin


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Blueblood Gin

750ML, $125.00
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Blueblood Gin is the sensational leader of PUHOI ORGANIC DISTILLERY'S new coloured Gin range.

Its mesmerizing ocean blue colour magically transforms into dazzling purple pink while premium sparkling tonic water is added. This colour-transformation alchemy is all-natural, with no nasty chemicals, artificial colours or additives involved.

The stunning natural sapphire blue colouring derives from the exotic edible 'Butterfly Pea' flower. This healing plant has been used in natural medicine, especially Ayurveda, for centuries as: anti-asthma, anti-ulcer and vision-improving remedy. Our Doctor-Formulator Iryna Kirichuk (MD) chose this amazing botanical as the best source of blue colour coupled with its medicinal properties.
On top of the mesmerising blue colour, the Butterfly Pea petals provide delectable softness to Blueblood Gin. Moreover, despite its significant strength (43% ABV), it is extraordinarily smooth, and so not only it can be enjoyed in cocktails, but also neat on the rocks. Pink gin lovers will also fall in love with the Blueblood Gin in G&T, and its aristocratic lilac pink tint.

PUHOI ORGANIC DISTILLERY'S blue gin’s unique technology is protected by BLUEBLOOD Trade Mark. From its very first steps on the market, this sensational gin has been in high demand, and PUHOI ORGANIC DISTILLERY already handcrafts its versions for several well-established private label customers.

PUHOI ORGANIC DISTILLERY'S Blueblood Gin is a Kiwi Gin sensation, and also a Kiwi innovation. Unlike the popular Blue Sapphire Gin (the only blue part of which is the colour of its glass bottle), Blueblood Gin is genuinely aristocratic blue. It was born to rule in the kingdom of gins!

43% ABC
We apply the curative power of Mother Nature to bring happiness and wellbeing to people and leave only green footprints on the Planet.
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