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Marine Collagen Beauty Tonic Powder - Passionfruit


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Marine Collagen Beauty Tonic Powder - Passionfruit

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Limited time only addition to the collagen family. We've formulated this blend as part of your new daily beauty routine. Marine collagen, Zinc, Biotin, Probiotics and Vitamin C blended to support your hair, skin and nails with a delicious hint of passionfruit.

Keep your collagen in our cute reusable tin (also recyclable)! 

Collagen is the foundation of healthy joints, bone and skin health in addition to being the most abundant protein in your body.

Our collagen powder is highly purified collagen peptides from marine sources, neutral in taste and smell. 

Zinc is a very important trace mineral that helps to contribute for normal skin and hair as well as being necessary for a normal immune system. Zinc also supports energy and metabolic regulation. 

Biotin is a B vitamin that contributes skin and hair health.

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of collagen as well as contributing to collagen formation. 

Boosted with a probiotic Bacillus coagulans, a beneficial bacteria for your gut.

Our Beauty Blend contains:

10g of Collagen per serving 
Type 1 Marine Collagen
Vitamin C to increase absorption of Collagen
500 million CFUs of probiotics
500 ug of biotin
12mg of zinc
20 servings at $3.75 per serve.

Our Collagen is from France and sustainably farmed from Tilapia fish. Our Marine collagen is produced from the skins & scales of fish that is usually left over from food production, making this a sustainable way on reducing food waste. It has been through a validated and safe process (sterilisation and pasteurisation, filtration, UF, and demineralisation) as well as GMO free and preservative free. 



Mix 2 tablespoons to 250ml of your choice of drink - we like it with sparkling water, juices, or smoothies. This can be used in baking as long as it is under 20 minutes in <180 C. 

THEA is two Kiwi girls on a mission to shed Matcha in a new light and incorporate it into your modern world. We want the world to have a modern perspective and attitude towards Matcha. Everything from the styling, shooting, design and everyday running of THEA is done by just the two while they work full-time. THEA isn’t just a venture, it’s a passion.

Why the name THEA?

We chose the name THEA because of the serotonin/happy-inducing amino acid prominent in green tea, known as L-Theanine. Green tea is also part of the Theaceae family and Thea also happens to mean goddess and is also a kick-ass Titaness. It was simple, relevant and captured the essence of what we wanted this venture to be.
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