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Drip Pressed Shizuku Shibori Junmai Ginjo Sake - 375ml


Product code: ZEN-RAZEDR 375ML

Drip Pressed Shizuku Shibori Junmai Ginjo Sake - 375ml

375ML, $45.00
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This sake is crafted using the most extravagant pressing method. The fermented mash is poured into bags, which are hung up to allow the sake to gently filter through the mesh, using gravity alone. While the yield is low, the sake produced is highly refined. Perfect for fine dining and pairing with delicate flavours.
New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery, ZENKURO SAKE is based in Queenstown.
We produce premium grade junmai ginjo and junmai sake using highly polished, certified sake rice from Japan, and soft water sourced from the Southern Alps. The purity of our ingredients allow us to hand-craft a unique style of sake with well balanced flavours, gentle umami and delicate aromas.

ZENKURO SAKE is best enjoyed together with friends, family and your favourite food. With no preservatives, clarifiers or additives of any sort, ZENKURO SAKE can be enjoyed as a healthy accompaniment to any meal.
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