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Safari Cutlery 4-Piece Set


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Safari Cutlery 4-Piece Set

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You can enjoy good stainless steel cutlery and cookware for a long time. In return, it deserves a little attention and care. All Cromargan® cutlery and treated cookware is dishwasher safe. Here are some care tips so that your purchase remains just as beautiful as the first day:
*Clean your cutlery of large food particles after use and never let them stand unwashed for a long period of time.
*Cutlery should not be soaked or remain wet for a long period of time.
*When cleaning in the dishwasher, place the cutlery unsorted with the handle down in the basket. You will avoid scratches by washing different types of cutlery separate from each other.
*As soon as possible after the wash cycle is complete, remove your cutlery from the machine and dry it if necessary. If this is not possible, please open the door to the dishwasher so that the steam can escape and no moisture builds up.
*After filling your dishwasher with regenerating salt, we recommend running an empty rinse cycle.
*Only use high quality dishwashing detergent and follow the instructions on the detergent package so that you can always count on a sparkling result.
*Follow the operating instructions for your dishwasher.
This item usually ships between 1 - 3 days depending on colour selection.
Many items can be returned for a full refund if the item is unsatisfactory in any way. Click here for our full Returns Policy.

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