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Gimpy Giraffe Head Rug


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Gimpy Giraffe Head Rug

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The Tapis Amis collection is Doing Goods' very own collection of handcrafted rugs, featuring a quirky range of lovable characters from the animal kingdom that make you smile every time. A little shedding is a normal occurrence for natural fiber rugs and should subside after a few vacuum cleanings.

- Made from wool.
- Dimensions: 40cm x 38cm x 2cm.
- Please note that as this item is handmade, a slight variation in the appearance of each piece is expected.
- Professionally dry-clean for best results.
The Doing Goods team have always found beauty in the imperfect, bubbly, quirky, one-off pieces ever since their start in 2010. Upon travelling the world, they began to archive trinkets they had found on their journeys or put them on display, each one with it's own unique story. This provided the inspiration for their own exclusive collection designs.

A few years ago Doing Goods began their dealings with a family business in India, which brought to life their successful pink workshop. The workshop was built brick by hand-baked brick, and is a key to their success through the belief that local is always best in the long run. All products are handmade with love meaning each piece is slightly unique. Any textiles used are dyed naturally using vegetable dyes derived from roots, bark, leaf flowers, and fruits.

"At Doing Goods we make good on the promise of working respectfully in and with the communities we visit. We do not believe that we can change the world. We are, however, convinced that we can improve people’s lives with honesty, authenticity and fair play. We strive to do this a step, day and project at a time."
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DOING GOODS / DOI-145100347005

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