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Spitzenklasse 6 Piece Beech Knife Block Set


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Spitzenklasse 6 Piece Beech Knife Block Set

BLACK BEECH, $669.00
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Spitzenklasse Plus Knife Block Set contains:

1x Beech Knife Block
1x Chef’s Knife 20 cm
1x Carving Knife 16.5cm
1x Bread Knife 20 cm
1x Utility Knife 10 cm
1x Steel 23 cm

All pieces are forged blade knives, made in Germany and made of rust-free and acid resistant speciality blade steel. They have long lasting sharpness thanks to the hardened blade, and a riveted ergonomically shaped handle, without grooves made of high-quality plastic. Jointless workmanship means there are no noticeable transitions between blade, guard and handle.

Hand-wash recommended.
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